Britain elects record number of female lawmakers in 2019 election

Last Updated: Dec 14 2019 19:39
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LONDON- On Friday, a record number of women were elected as lawmakers in Britain's general election, with women's rights campaigners cheering the result but saying progress towards equal representation must speed up.

Women now represent just over a third of all members of parliament (MPs), taking 220 seats out of 650 in Britain`s lower house compared to 208 in the previous election, after a dramatic night that saw the ruling Conservative party make major gains.

One seat was yet to declare a result on Friday afternoon. "More women MPs than ever before is very welcome but we are inching forwards, up from 32% to just 34%," said Sam Smethers, the chief executive of women`s rights group the Fawcett Society.

"Instead of congratulating ourselves for extremely slow progress let`s see a commitment from all the political parties to action to make the step change that is needed. It is time for equal power." 

"Clearly much more work needs to be done to build a better democracy that draws upon the talent and experience of the 32 million UK women," said the group`s director Frances Scott.